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Fruit Merge is a free puzzle game. Please believe us when we say there is a natural balance to be found in merging these tiny fruits into something more significant. We know you're ready for something more than zen, and you'll get there one fruit at a time. This game starts with small fruits like kiwi, apricots, and oranges, eventually bringing you to something huge, like pineapple or watermelon. Every time you merge a fruit, you're going to get something a little bigger, but you've only got so much space. What should you merge? Is your score able to make it to the leaderboard? In the box's top left and right-hand corners are tip-left and tip-right buttons. You have limited uses to tip the box one way or another. This will help you shake and scramble up the fruit so things stay active and you are able to handle poor choices or bad luck. This game starts slow and then begins to move really fast, and if you aren't careful, the fruits might pile up on you. It's just like life; sometimes, you must stop and look around and eat some fruit, or it'll all pass you by.

Use your mouse to drop fruits from the top of the screen. Your goal is to smash these fruits into like fruits in order to create a bigger fruit of a different kind. The end goal is to eventually have no fruit by finally making them all disappear. You also have to accomplish this before the red line at the top of the screen is passed by all of the fruit in the box.