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Daily Jigsaw is a free puzzle game. We have always said that a puzzle a day keeps the boredom away. And it does, it truly does. Why look at us, we play puzzle games every day, sometimes all day, and nary a boredom is to be found here. This is a gift we would wish to give to you. That is why we are presenting you with a new daily game, a new daily Jigsaw game simply called "Daily Jigsaw." You are free to join us every day for a new jigsaw puzzle. We promise not to tell your boss! Looking for some piece of mind? Join us every day for a relaxing new puzzle.

Click and drag pieces to connect to others. Connected pieces can be moved together. The menu at the bottom lets you preview the completed picture, select only the edge pieces, change the background, and even solve and restart the puzzle. You can also select the in-game "Help" menu for more.